The key to many doors

Jonty James
3 min readOct 12, 2020

As we move and shift through our lives there are constants that hold the fabric of our existence together, our core needs as you may call them. However, we tend to bounce up and down, side to side, trying to figure out what works for us, and can sometimes find ourselves suspended in a realm of our being that doesn’t support these core needs. We are pulled by societal pressures, morphed by materialism, and pushed into pursuing the next best thing. This so-called next best thing that will finally make us happy, feel secure, or will be the remaining piece to the puzzle of our distorted dreams. Often times, getting past this point to then somehow believe that greener pastures are over the next hill.

We tend to forget our achievements and set off once again to climb the next peak, treacherously determined to hit the next target thinking that this will be the be-all and end-all. We get caught up in this loop, suppressing our emotions with the fallacy that mental override can trump anything and everything, to then once again reach this same familiar point we have been at many times, wondering if we have made it, or if we are still a failure.

We become so entrenched by misaligned values, that we miss the fireworks of life. We miss the true moments, never once stopping to smell the roses. This disconnect from the essence of our being slowly creeps up on us, all of a sudden rearing its ugly face. Disease, burn out and all the rest stem from the discord that resides within us and will violently shock us into a radical state of change. This is a reaction to falling off the fast-paced wagon of our perceived “life”. Sending us so far in the opposite direction that we have to rebuild from the ground up, once again.

But what if we could avoid this?

I do believe course correction is necessary for some, but for others, they can nip the bud on the head before it has an opportunity to outgrow them. This comes back to some core basics; it’s about understanding ourselves, doing the groundwork, and finding the keys to the locked doors within us.

It is no simple task unearthing our true values. It requires patience and the ability to sit with ourselves, listening to what our body is telling us. This task is far easier than the pain and suffering that occur when our fast-paced false lives come caving in on us.

Rather than having to dig ourselves out from the depths of despair, we can prevent this by building a solid foundation and structure around our core being. The more inner work completed the stronger we stand and the more aligned we are to our values, the less we are affected by the constant barrage of society. In alignment we find silence and with this, find more moments of peaceful bliss within. We stop bouncing around. We become, balanced and centered, and embody the key that opens us to all the possibilities of life.

Start today.

Sit with yourself, ask what it is you truly desire. Listen without judgment. Be the observer of your mind. Have no expectations but be open to the possibilities. It doesn’t have to be hours. You can start with 30 seconds a day and work from there. You may be surprised by the results if you add this practice to your daily routine. I have trust that with consistent effort you can dampen the noise, and align with your core needs.

With time you will come back to you and the beautiful caring you that has been there all along will shine once again.